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This is just a quick post about my favourite type of makeup, highlighters. I have noticed that there have been an increasing number of alternative highlighter shade. Originally it was welcomed as this enabled every skin tone to use them however now it feels like it is more so we can glow like a rainbow rather than just the sun.

Although exciting, sometimes it can be challenging to come up with ways to use them despite loving them, so I thought I would share some of the things I have done.



This is for sure my favourite way to use brightly coloured highlighters. Paired with a matte lip you can top it with an stunning highlighter shades to create your own lip look. These two were from when I had done this with blue and green and I think they come out really well. The other thing that could make a difference is when they are dual toned.


I know usually this is used on the face however you can do some really great looks using them as the only product. I really loved doing it with the new MUA Prism highlighter look. If you want a more natural look then you could go for highlighting places the light would naturally hit live shoulders and collar bone.



Of course you can always just add some colour to the classic places and still look great! I just thought you may enjoy some inspiration as anyone can experiment and look fab.

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