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I wanted to write share with you my most recent and growing addiction to bold matte lip colours. I previously would be someone that played it safe with a nude lip colour, which I would stress around to ensure it was the perfect shade. I naturally have the blessing of bold lips and as a result anything glossed or with a satin finish I felt was too distracting. However I recently tried out a bold red lipstick in matte and since then I have not looked back.


Not only do I feel matte colours suit anyone but I have found that matte colours particularly they look much better in unusual colours. I have also found that the colours last longer almost like a stain, which means that you don’t need to continuously reapply all day.

Whilst I am on my matte journey I wanted to take a moment to appreciate and share with you a few favourites from my personal collection.


NYX soft matte lip cream – “Abu Dhabi”


I like watching beauty Vloggers on YoutTube and last year the majority of them were singing this lip cream products praises. After trying it out for myself it’s really no surprise. It glides on so smooth literally like a smooth make up primer which leaves a perfectly matte finish (plus it smells great). I was lucky enough to go to the beauty show and pick this up which was the most popular shade at the time. Although I was still into nude shades at the time, this year I will definitely be getting some more and trying a couple of the newly launched shades. *wish list below*

The matte colour Transylvania was sold out so I selected this shade of gloss instead. I would certainly recommend getting two shades rather than just one as these are addictive.


MUA Luxe London


This range has a humble 10 shades to choose from however if any of these shades tickle your fancy I would certainly say they are worth purchasing. I have “Reckless” which is a charged red and “Kooky” which is a deep shade of purple. They dry and matte really quickly once applied. I was also impressed that it lasts for hours, despite my coffee drinking and constant snacking throughout the day.

Makeup Revolution London Salvation velvet lip lacquer – ” Velvet Black Heart”


If you have been watching my Instagram posts then you would have noticed my growing love for Makeup Revolution and this was one of the first reasons why. This is slightly different as it goes on completely like liquid gloss but then dries matte in seconds. The pigment is amazing and I just love the names of each shade. The selection of colours is really good however the thing I particularly like is the quality of this makeup at such an affordable price. Definitely a makeup range to watch.

MAC – “Stone”

MAC is always a personal favourite when it comes to my collection however they have recently too their lip shades to new heights. Whilst looking at my Instagram feed I noticed that no matter who wore this particular shade it would really stand out. So after several visits to MAC stores trying to get it and finding it was sold out, I finally got my hands on this and I could not be happier. The other thing that I love is that they have matching lip liners in exactly the same colour so you don’t need to worry about matching colours with liners.


I do not believe in too much makeup so I thought I would also share my wish list which is experimenting of unusual matte shades;

  1. Nyx matte lipstick – “Up the bass-gray purple”
  2. Colour Pop ultra matte lips – “Jellies”
  3. Gerade cosmetics Hydra-Matte liquid listick – “Gravity”
  4. Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick – “Abused”

If you have tried any of these be sure to let me know in the comments below and share you pics with me. If you also have any suggestions then be sure to let me know so I can check them out.



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  1. great pot x

  2. Love it!!! I honestly couldn’t brave Mac stone. I feel it would look atrocious on me lol x

    1. I actually felt this way about both teddy and whirl which are the other popular colours. The reason why I went for stone is as I saw it looked nice on soo many different skin tones which is so rare.

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