Places to lunch in Wimbledon – Crepe affaire

The Christmas hustle and bustle means that I try not to venture into central zones for crepes meaning I miss out on my beloved salmon and cream cheese one in Covent Garden until things calm down.

Luckily this is no longer the case as Wimbledon has highly popular Crepeaffaire. Often this place appears to be full however most customers are looking to take away.

For such a small location, this place has a surprisingly large amount of indoor seating (and a couple of outdoor tables).

I was shocked by the large selection of food ranging from breakfast to pancake, belgian waffles and drinks.

The entire time I was there one woman (Nina) waited and prepared food for every customer with great presentation and speed.

Since they have a loyalty card scheme, it’s only fair of me to vosit again soon.

Where did you eat today to celebrate Friday?

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