Month: January 2018


Upcoming makeup launches you need to know about

Hello, This post is for those of you who are, like me trying to keep up with it all as these makeup launches are getting announced thick and fast. This post I will share with you the ones that I personally think you should know about and are excited for. The Latte Palette – Dominique […]

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MAC Ruby Woo dupe comparison with 3ina

Hello, You would have seen in my previous post I spoke of 3ina longwear lipstick range having a MAC Ruby Woo dupe so I thought I would share it with you in this post. Whenever I speak to people about their favourite red lippie this is always the one people refer to and it is […]

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3ina just launched 10 new Longwear Lipsticks

Hello, If you did not know then 3ina have recently expanded their Longwear lipstick range taking the selection to 20. Before I go into more detail with you I took this from the 3ina Instagram page so you could see all the new shades for yourself. Each of these are £7.95 each and I have […]

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Makeup Revolution have just announced this launch and it’s sending shockwaves

Hello, If you haven’t heard yet then the secret it out! Makeup Revolution who are known for challenging the world of beauty with their low cost cosmetics, are about to drop a foundation range. What we know so far .. The Fast Base Stick foundation range will be released with 18 shades, each are meant […]

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Smear for smear 2018

Hello, This post is because I am supporting the 2018 smear for smear campaign because it is the most common cancer in women under 35 like me. We all like to think “it won’t happen to me” but the reality is you just never know and so this is a guaranteed way to gain that […]

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Flyte the low calorie clean energy drink

Hello, With so many commitments it can feel like the reasonable option is to substitute diary management with energy drinks. This creates many health risks so I do feel it is important to have alternatives like Flyte.  Flyte is a clean alternative feel more important to me now especially with the growing concern around heavily […]

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Joy Louche Mack Zip Detail backpack

Hello, A good backpack is quite rare to come by for me as I like it to look quite professional but also be functional. I picked up this Joy the store Louche Mack Zip Detail backpack in the Autumn as it went well with corporate and casual wear. What was really surprising to me it […]

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Bellevue London – Luxury skincare range for all skin types

Hello, Having a great skincare routine is certainly my tip for having a perfected makeup look. Recently Bellevue reached out to me with their luxury skincare range which I am delighted to share with you now. Designed to cover the needs of the contemporary woman who, like me want to combine a busy lifestyle and […]

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