Year: 2018

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4 Tips On How To Use Planners To Enhance 2019

Planners and using a hand written planner is one of those or don’t thing. Some people prefer to use electronic ones which is great but has challenges for a few reasons. My preference every time is to have a hand written planner. This biggest difficulty for me is deciding which one to buy each year. […]

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Nail Your NYE With Kiss Nails

Get that perfect mani in minutes and nail NYE with Kiss Products. Whether you want something short or longer lasting Kiss Products have you covered.

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Things I wish I’d Got But You Still Could Get

So now that Christmas is over and sales are on, thought I would share some things I still want. It’s always the same with me because there is always something right?! Firstly I’ll start off by saying that this won’t include anything from my wishlist because we know I already want them (not because I […]

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Christmas Day Survival Essentials When You Don’t Celebrate It

Not spending Christmas with loved ones this year or just don’t celebrate it altogether? Here are my tips how to survive the day.

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Yardley Affordable Stocking Filler Selection

If you are thinking about shopping in a hurry then you may also be looking for affordable products. Luckily Yardley has you covered with their selection of affordable fragrant floral-inspired sets perfect for stockings. In this post I will be sharing what you can find and prices start at £3.50. If you didn’t know much […]

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5 Gifting Tips for Gifting The Distant And Difficult In-Law

Whether you have a close relationship or not, it is always polite to bring a gift for your relatives. There is nothing better than having a great relationship with family and wowing them every year with something meaningful. In this post I thought I would take a look at an alternative scenario as not all […]

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Here’s My Christmas Makeup Wishlist 2018

This is my personal makeup wishlist of things which I have over they year noticed and wanted so some may be a little out there. At worst you learn a bit about me at best you get a gift idea so just keep on reading. First up I am going to talk about my palette […]

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Virginia Coram Natural Bath, Body & Skincare Specialist

If you are looking for a natural bath, body & skincare specialist then you will love Virginia Coram. Not only is the brand liquid soaps made form scratch but they use the highest quality products to do this. In addition to this Virginia Coram maintain the artisan handmade ethos at the core of their product […]

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