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You would have seen in my previous post I spoke of 3ina longwear lipstick range having a MAC Ruby Woo dupe so I thought I would share it with you in this post. Whenever I speak to people about their favourite red lippie this is always the one people refer to and it is easy to see why as I have seen it on so many people and it seems to suit everyone. Having a timeless red in your lipstick collection is really important and it can be hard to find the right one.

Ruby woo MAC dupe 3INA

I have had both MAC Ruby Woo and 3ina 500 for some time and it was only when someone mentioned that I should wear red lipstick more often, that I thought of the go to favourite and my own fave. Funnily enough that is when it hit me that they both look identical although I had never worn them side by side. So I thought I would compare them and here is the result.

MAC Ruby Woo 3ina comparison

Although I love it on other people, I am not a massive red lipstick on myself due to my lips being full it can dominate my face.  Despite this I do have a few in my collection as they are great on me in the evenings.

The Longwear Lipstick comes in a range of shades and although none have actual names, this is the shade number “500”. You can pick these up from various outlets or in store for £7.95. MAC has an extensive lipstick range and unlike 3ina, they have matching liners that said if you did wish to pick up both in Ruby Woo (liner and lipstick) then that would set you back £33.


The main reason I go for liquid lipstick is because I constantly eat and drink and I don’t like leaving transfer everywhere. With a longwear liquid lipstick I get the longevity I prefer. That said the other obvious comparison is both the price point and the fact the 3ina products are also cruelty free.

So what do you think?

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If this red lipstick is not the shade for you then you might want to check out my previous post where I share my must have red lipsticks HERE.


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