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This time of year my skins worst behaviors make themselves known particularly the variance between my oily and dry zones. Combination skin types can always seem a little more complex for this reason as you have to treat areas of the face differently.

The easiest way to identify this type of skin is if it has an oily T-zone, large pores on the forehead, chin and nose along with dry cheeks or spot dehydration across the face. A robust skin care regime is vital and moisturizing products containing AHA will help this skin type.

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Did you know: Sometimes oily skin can turn the foundation darker?

There are many contributors to the skins behavior such as lifestyle, nutrition and the environment. One of the biggest overlooked reasons this could be happening is because of the levels of hydration in the skin as a result of the cold Winter whether.
(You can read all about this in a previous post I wrote HERE)

If you are in the shops and confused as to which type of foundation finish you need to look for then I would suggest the best for combination skin types is satin. There are many ways in which this can be stated by brands such as, natural, skin like, semi-matte but it is the most common finish so there should be plenty of choice.

;nars natural radiant foundation

NARS – Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

NARS’ newly launched Natural Radiant foundation is one that I have been luck enough to have already tried and tested. Not only does it help control those oily location but also gives a radiant glow to my dry spots. Even better I have found that on particularly oily days, the zones requiring it can be matted with power effortlessly.  I would say this one is worth the investment.

3INA – The 3 in 1 Foundation (SPF 15)

Personally I can not believe how affordable this is based on its performance. The 3 in 1 foundation is more whipped than most of the other foundations I am mentioning because of this it has the ability to be built to high coverage easily. The finish again is skin like so it doesn’t look unaturally matte although should you need it you can layer on powder. It performs best partnered with the 3ina loose setting powder and spray (I have no idea why but it really does).

Note: You can view my full review on the 3ina foundation by clicking HERE.

armani powder fabric foundation

Giorgio Armani – Powder Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation (SPF 25)

The Powder Fabric foundation comes highly recommended for combination skin types although I have yet to try it personally. That said I know that the luminous silk is a huge success for those with normal to dry skin types so I am confident this will be a great fit for those requiring a little oil control.

born this way foundation

Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation

This Instagram worthy range can really help someone with a combination skin type as it has an oil-free formula which will definitely help control those oily zones.

muf makeup forever ultra hd foundation

Makeup Forever – Ultra HD foundation

ULTRA HD foundation provides medium coverage and has a light-diffusing formula which makes skin look natural and flawless.  Although it has a fluid texture this allows it to blend in seamlessly and conceal imperfections and texture. Not just great for combination skin but all skin types not to mention tones.

bobbi brown foundation

Bobbi Brown – Skin Foundation

With a water-based, oil-free formula this Skin Foundation provides great coverage whilst giving skin a hydrated glow. Even better, the buildable formula minimises the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and delivers this to a large range of skin tones.

shu uemura foundation

Shu Uemura – Face Architect foundation

Although I am entirely stocked up with this one, it is very hard to find these days. If you are based in the UK like me then you can no longer purchase this brand however you’ll have more chance if you are outside of Europe. The shade range probably reflects and meets its customer base, that said it is one of the few that had one that was a perfect fit for me in shade and undertone (524 deep sand).

Have you tried any of these foundations?

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  1. I am in love with the HD foundation from MakeUp For Ever and I keep re-purchasing it! I am really curious about the Nars one though 😀 Thank you for writing this post, I feel like combination skin is often forgotten 😉 -xox-

    1. So do I and it can be so hard to find a good foundation match becaise of it. I am curious as I have heard the NARS is like another foundation so I need to get that now 😂

      1. Ugh, I know 🙁 Combination skin can be quite tricky! I’m looking forward to reading more foundation reviews on your blog! <3

      2. Thank you. I’ll be sure to do more 😘

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