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This weeks mask was one that I picked up on a whim to be honest whilst purchasing another. When it comes to Lush though, I honestly do not mind a good old fashion impulse buy since normally I will spend hours looking and smelling everything.



This is a fresh face mask for smoothing away wrinkles and has many other benefits. Although not as bold in colour as “Don’t look at me” this is not one to be overlooked if you want your skin to feel calm and relaxed. As this has lots of fresh ingredients it does need to be kept in the fridge which I do feel adds to the mask experience as it is nice and cool when applied.



Although it does contain clay, it does not dry down in the same way as a clay mask. It has a lot of movement even after relaxing with it one for 15 minutes. After using it, I washed it off with warm water to reveal much happier and more balanced looking skin. This one is great especially when I want a calming mask and I think this is because of the witchhazel.

Have you tried this Lush mask?





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  1. Layke Lemercier says:

    I love Lush products but I’ve never bought one of their face masks before. This one sounds lovely and refreshing!

    Layke x

    1. It is! I would not have got this if I didn’t happen to see it at the same time as I was buying another but I’m happy I did. X

  2. I’ve never tried that mask out before but I really want to as my friends keep telling me that Lush has amazing face masks! 😊

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