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This post is well overdue and it is about the So Fragrance range. This brand is one which brings back so many school memories as I remember going to the store and picking up the “So..? Kiss Me” scent and using it everyday. One thing I love about blogging is meeting brands that you have loved or had a connection with for a long time as it really then becomes me sharing my journey and memories.


The thing I loved most is they take perfumes as seriously as I do and so it is amazing that for those who are new to perfume, they detail the scent notes for you. (If you’re unsure what I mean by this then be sure to check out my previous post about Fragrantica). I was lucky enough to (for the first time ever) win a competition that they were running at a Blogosphere Magazine event which meant that I received their new perfumes and a selection of their body mists.


The difference between perfumes and mists is that the mists aren’t as strong as a perfume and the other thing I like is using them in my hair. Anyone that watches my Instagram knows that I LOVE the watermelon mist and personally can see myself switching out of using it anytime soon. There is however one for everyone I know my sister really loves the vanilla and gets loads of confidence when she wears it. This is mainly about your personal preference ultimately as I knew instantly Watermelon was for me (although I believe this is also their top seller).

TIP: If you use the mists on wet hair the scent actually lasts a really long time.

Due to their current promotion, You can pick up the mists for £1.49 and their new perfume range is currently £3.47 each at Superdrug.

Personally I have found these last a fair length of time and smell really good on. I do find that I like to refresh the scent throughout the day however this is common with many fragrances I use. Considering the price point you can not really go wrong with these.


Will you be giving So..?Fragrance a try?


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