STAX Diner – Finally I tried Fried Chicken and Waffles

fried chicken and waffles


Instead of my Dinner Nightmares, this post is actually about a recent success. Desperate to try, I went on the hunt to finally try the famous fried chicken and waffles dish. So many times people have told me this combination works. Personally I don’t mix breakfast foods and usually would have waffles with fruit for breakfast. The thought of mixing it with fried chicken just really intrigued me however I heard it was equally hard to find places that served it. After getting it into my sisters head she tried it and said it wasn’t served nicely the place she tried. The dish isn’t that common yet so finding a good place to try it felt even harder.

chicken and waffles stax diner


Thanks to a recommendation I visited Stax which is in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street. It is like an American Diner even with it’s own food challenge. The staff are really friendly and nice there and the service was great.

london chicken and waffles

Chicken & Waffles

Finally the dish! Both the waffles and chicken were made with buttermilk so I was expecting something great. Personally I find waffles really filling and so I was amazed that it came with not one but two pieces of breaded chicken. The presentation was also amazing and it came with some maple syrup. The maple syrup was quite nutty in flavour and less sweet so it didn’t really feel like a desert in anyway. The waffle was extremely light and fluffy whilst the chicken was moreish. I was hungry however it still made me really stuffed by the end of it.


If you want to try this dish then I would highly recommend heading to Stax. The dish was cooked to perfection. Good food makes me really overwhelmed with happiness so I intend to return to try another dish. All the food that was leaving the kitchen was unbelievably amazing looking. Not to mention I paid £12.95 for it which I’d say was reasonable for the portion size.

Have you tried fried chicken and waffles?


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