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In my teens I would never go out without “So..? Kiss me” I don’t think you can buy the size I own these days (because I kept a stock in case anything happened to the range). Luckily nothing did happen and today So Fragrance has a cross continental presence in over 30 countries. Not only are the brands 30 irresistible scents award winning but they still win with me everyday.


One of the things I particularly love are their new and ever growing body mist scents. Originally a collection of 7 but have now almost double the range of literally delicious scents. If you watch me enough you know I personally have been loving Watermelon and it seems to be a favourite of anyone I share it with. On the other hand, my sister is loving Vanilla so there is literally something for everyone. The other great thing is that you can layer them in order to create your own personal scent which is totally unique to you. One final tip I will share about mists is that you can spray them in wet hair and then the fragrance will hold for even longer (thank me later).


Over to the new fashion fragrance range made up of “i am…so…?”, “so…? Dark Romance”, and “so…? sheer illusion”. Originally I fell for Dark Romance which is described as goth with a romantic twist. It has a mixture of bergamont, pink pepper, dark praline along with violet and vanilla which adds a great depth especially for evenings and the cold winter months.  Currently I have been loving “i am… so…?” which is a fresh and fruitier orange blossom and mandarin scent. That’s not to say I don’t switch it up to “Sheer Illusion” with its slightly more floral mix with rose and jasmine. You honestly can’t really go wrong with any of these in my opinion.

Also the fashion fragrances now have matching fragrance mists so you can double up on your favourite.

If you are dying to try them out for yourself then you can head over to the so fragrance page or you pick them up in the UK from Superdrug, Boots, Asda, Wilko, Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Bodycare.

COMPETITION: I have exclusively teamed up with So Fragrance to give a lucky reader an exclusive chance to win some of the range I hold dear to me;

Watermelon mist because it is my favourite and I literally have about 15 of these

I AM…SO…? both in the perfume and mist so you can smell just like me

So…? Kiss Me because this is what made me fall in love with the brand when I was in college

All you have to do is head over to @sofragrance @justnadiene (me) on Instagram and check out the description on the below photo to find out more. (rules apply)


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