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Recently I have been super quiet on socials, right? (I know) I’ve been trying to understand what content I enjoy, what I think you’d enjoy and what I would enjoy creating most. So, I’ve been exploring different options to see how we feel about them.

When I first started JustNadiene, I intended to learn together and to help others achieve the life they wanted in the simplest of things without necessarily breaking the bank. Now it has evolved somewhat, just as my life has, which has bought me to this period of reflection.

Throughout this period, I have started consuming more creator content to see what speaks to me most and what topics I’m into. What I have found is that although I still love makeup, it is very much my outlet, so I will continue to incorporate this into my content. There is no longer a desire for the more fast beauty approach where I’m solely sharing the newest launches so you’ll see a few ‘oldies but goodies’ and repurchase content. Also, I’ve found that I am most interested in things that help personal growth. This influenced my decision on how I would like to move forward with my content.

Regarding the blog (here), you’ll still receive much of what you have been. My blog is my primary source of communication and what I enjoy doing, although in terms of time, does take a little longer. You would have noticed that many of my posts have doubled in size, so they are more informative, and there are fewer short-form blog posts. This also reflects what readers generally prefer, so I hope you have found this and the expanded topics helpful.

This period of reflection has mainly been centred around my socials and my desire to convert some of my blog posts into videos. Many of you have reached out to advise that you prefer video content, so I’ve been wondering how best to achieve this. So I have decided to start migrating existing content and creating new content in video format. (hurray)

You won’t need to do a thing since I’ll embed these into my regular posts. As long as you are subscribed, you’ll continue to receive everything the usual way, along with a weekly Friday summary.

Hope you enjoy the coming updates!



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