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Lolas Apothecary have a range of aromatherapeutic products which are perfect if like me, you are already getting Winter blues. As the weather is getting colder I certainly feel that I need to take more time focussing on self care. This is as not only do I get low mood however I find I also get skin dryness and poor circulation.

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About Lolas Apothecary

Dominic had a dream to help people with finding their path to wellness and inner peace. He was lucky enough to grow up on a peaceful Devonshire farm in the middle of the countryside. Whilst on a family holiday in Greece as a young boy he discovered Spa Massage. Together with Analorraine the two entrepreneurs worked together to develop the very first range of Lola’s Apothecary products. All of the products are effective yet gentle, inspired by nature and created with aromatherapeutic benefits in mind.

My Favourites


The thing that I love about the teas is that not only are they lovely but they are great to combine with the massage oils. This was you feel the full benefits of them both inside and out.


Although the are currently not in stock, I would recommend trying the chocolate. Made from 70% Dominican dark chocolate with Aneesh Popat (chocolatier to the royals). The chocolates are exclusive to the website so be sure to keep an eye out.

Lolas Apothercary


Of course the natural body and massage oils is certainly my most loved product by me from Lolas Apothercary. If using for yourself, on yourself then these are great after a shower or bath if rubbed on wet skin. This will also support with well needed circulation around the body, something I struggle with in the cold. These oils can be used all over the body and smell divine. My personally favourite is Sweet Lullaby which has a mixture of many ingredients including lavender, ylang ylang, vanilla and sweet almond.



Whether it is something to give you a treat inside or outside your body, then be sure to check out Lolas Apothecary. Personally I can never get enough of their Sweet Lullaby range however there are so many to choose from. What I shared was only a small selection. What I love about Lolas Apothecary is that they not only use the finest but also the purest ingredients and are committed to ethical sourcing. Their body massage collection is something I think would make a great gift to a loved one. This is as it has a range of their products for you to both enjoy.

Will you be trying Lolas Apothercary?



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