Why you should consider TK Maxx for stationary

One thing you may not know about me is that I love journals especially ones with positive quotes on the cover. I also like good quality for less so wanted to share with you my finds whilst recently shopping in TK Maxx (UK version of TJ Maxx).

Slowly I have begun to migrate when it comes to homeware and stationary shopping (also some beauty products), as literally I can find anything and everything in this store. My main stationary is from here whether it is note cards, pen holders, diaries or journals. To make things even better it always seems to be hidden gems I come across like I bought over Christmas a Valentino hand bag (for £29.99).


I use the exact same ban.do diary as the one below currently and I love it. Enclosed are stickers and quotations and loads more fun things to keep you utilising your diary and more importantly, keep organised. The larger size I keep at home so when I log off social media, I can still can keep on top of meeting schedules.

Since this is a 2017 diary you have missed out on the first five months of the year however £4.99 is a fair price for £10 worth of stickers and 7 months of a daily diary (in my opinion). The RRP of the Ban.do diary is £30.

Another amazing find (in my opinion) is this Kate Spade dairy. I knew they recently started stocking their bags however I am more excited that they’ve started getting their stationary. This was also £4.99 plus I found a matching note pad for £3.99. RRP of the Kate Spade diary is £32. No better time to take up utilising a written diary.


If I am not writing in my diary then generally I will be writing in a journal and I have a journal for everything and then some. Often I have found a good looking journal can be hit and miss in terms of price and design that was until I visited TK Maxx. This store is honestly the reason why I have more journals than information to write in them.

All of these were under £5 each and they have a journal for your every need and mood. I am particularly liking the flamingo and holiday range they have in many of their range however there were also mermaid and unicorn themed journals.

I even found a Ted Baker journal which I actually bought elsewhere previously for full price (if only I knew).

I keep meaning to share my finds at TK Maxx as I go so often and find so much that it has become quite addictive. I will post shortly my beauty finds but I hope you enjoyed this one for now. If you haven’t thought about shopping in TK Maxx before now then please let me know what you think and also if you do go let me know your finds.


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