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I have previously discussed on my blog various methods when it comes to cleaning brushes, which is basically the bane of my life each week!

I was very intrigued when I received this cleaner from StylPro (Inventor Tom). If you recognise the name Tom Pellereau then that would be because he was best known for becoming Lord Alan Sugar’s first business partner. The aim of this product was to fix the small frustrations in life to make peoples lives better.


If you missed me trying this out for the first time on my InstaStories/Snapchat it was quite interesting to see it in action so I may record it and add it to my YouTube page in the near future.

There is minimal requirement to assemble this as it is generally straight forward. The main attachment (spindle”, just slots straight into the StylPro and you the correct “collar” size for the brush you intend to clean.

In terms of design the StylPro itself resembles an electric nail file to be honest and takes 2 AAA batteries. I did however find the bowl very interesting as it comes in two parts, the physical bowl and then the neck attachment. When you place the neck on the bowl it prevents cleaning solution from falling out when you knock it over which I did on my bed.


The provided cleaning solution for this was, from what I can tell, an oil based one rather than a aqua based one (I do not know whether this impacts drying time for brushes) .


Once you have assembled it all you can go ahead and begin which is “soft dunking” the brush into the solution for 5 seconds in order to open up the bristles before turning on the device. It then goes one to advising in the instructions to working in the solution for a further 5 seconds before then turning on the device whilst it is in the solution. After moving it up and down under the solution for 10 seconds you must then hold it within the bowl above the solution for a further 10 seconds to dry. The brush should then be dry however it does say a further 10 seconds can be completed if not however this may damage the bristles. I found having completed these steps that I then needed to run the brush in my hand to return it back to its original shape.


The process although lengthy in words, is relatively straight forward and I found it was most effective with my foundation buffing brush (Real Techniques brush). I liked the fact that it means I could clean brushes more often especially with acne prone skin this was really a positive. The other thing I really liked was that they were dry immediately so I did not have to wait to reuse my favourite brush. There were only a couple of challenges one was with my unicorn brushes as the attachments weren’t small enough to hold them steadily. Additionally I found that with short bristles brushes like the flat eyeshadow lid brush, which does not fan as the bristles are short, it just could not penetrate to remove all of the pigment.


If you have a huge volume of brushes though, this may save you a lot of cleaning time.

Will you be giving it a go?



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  1. I think it’s s cool they made this tool 😀 I can definitely see how usefull it can be for MUA’s and for people who hate cleaning their brushes 🙂

    1. I think it is so interesting too. I think it could definitely help MUAs because you everyone has favourite brushes tgey want to use all the time.

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