Purple Tree Miracle Balm


Recently I have heard people discuss miracle balm without really understanding what it was or its purpose. Luckily Purple Tree have offered to help me out and sent me their range of miracle balms to try out for myself so I could share with you my thoughts. You may actually recognise them from one of my latest videos on both YouTube and Instagram as I am totally addicted to the Peach one at the moment.

What is Miracle Balm?

The reason why I think it is a ‘miracle’ is because of just how many uses it has. Essentially it is an intensely rich collagen hydration balm with natural healing properties. This helps replenish and rejuvenate damaged skin (works miracles). Main places I tried it was on dry skin hot spots such as lips, heels and elbows. Apparently these balms are also very good at treating minor burns, grazes, stings and bites which is perfect this time of year.

Purple Tree

Purple Tree are a UK based international beauty brand with a which is vegan friendly and cruelty free.
With their intimate understanding of the benefits of the affect natural ingridients have on the skin Purple Tree have this range of Miracle Balms. The packaging is very simple yet colourful and each compliment the added extract for each balm.

The Miracle Balm Range

With a total of 11 in their range, these Miracle Balms have lots to offer. There is an original ‘Signature’ balm which has very little fragrance to it but is very delicate and light. That said I feel the appeal of trying the others with added extract, is far too much to resist. Each individual balm is £3.99 making them really reasonable in terms of value for money as they can be used in such a variety of ways. Here is a small summary of each of the balms I tried out:

Purple Tree Miracle Balm Signature


As I mentioned, the signature scent is a really subtle one. It is certainly for someone looking for the benefits of the range without any added fragrance.

Purple Tree Grapefruit


This, like all of the range, smelt edible and I could not resist licking my lips when I put it on. The grapefruit extract provides added source of Vitamin A and C for longer lasting moisturisation.



The fruit consists of 92% water which makes it an amazing source of moisture. I totally love this scent which is refreshing and tropical.

Purple Tree Miracle Balm Peach


My absolute favourite which to be honest was a surprise. Something about it is just really subtle but nice. Peach Kernel Oil is great to soften and relieve irritated skin with its added vitamins and anti-oxidants to help moisturise and repair it.

miracle balm purple tree


These can even be used to tame fly away hairs as well as on you nails cuticles. The size of the packaging means that it can travel around everywhere with you without taking up too much space or adding significant weight to your bag. Perfect for when I am running between events on a particularly busy day. The selection I share was just that and there are many others such as coconut and vanilla which I am sure could easily be a favourite. Overall I find these really amazing.

Will you be giving Purple Tree Miracle Balms a try?


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