Top 5 luxury fragrances for him


If you are struggling to think of what to get him this holiday season then maybe consider a fragrance he’d love. Here are my personal top 5 luxury fragrances for him which I think you’ll both enjoy.

Aventus Creed

Aventus – Creed 

This has to be hands down my number one favourite. It oozes with confidence, strength and success and is the type of scent that literally has me memorized. Often I have seen it being a conversation opener as, although it is very distinct, many will be left wondering “what is he wearing?” as it seems to have a unique twist on each user. Not to mention the amount of times I have gone in for a sample spritz and found a number of women doing the same just because they also love it. The top notes are heavily citrus with lime and pineapple followed by a floral heart which dries down into base notes such as musk, oak and vanilla but the longevity is huge lasting for at least a day.

Armani Prive oud royal

Armani Prive Oud Royal – Georgio Armani

If you have not heard of the Prive collection then you should check out as because they are more like blended fragrances (no top, middle and base notes). The entire range is unisex which I love which means that the saying “sharing’s caring” will get you far 😉

This particular one was recommended to me by a man as their favourite from the collection where as mine is the rose which has a mixture of rare floral scents from the middle east. Each fragrance from this range is only available in 100 – 250ml which is reflected in the price however this is reasonable for the quality you get and one spray lasts for days. There are lighter variations in this collection should Ouds be too heavy for you.

l'eau d'issey pour homme

L’eau d’issey pour homme Issey Miyake

If my French is still not shabby then this roughly translates to, “water from Issey for men”. This is one of those that over the years I hear both men and women speak about however not one I have personally smelt on someone. It has a plethora of notes and particularly top heavy for a fragrance which intrigued me. Among other things, the top notes do have a combination of lemon, lime and orange so very citrus when you initially spray. This later will dry down to a deep musk and woody scent including Tahitian vetiver which i rarely see used in fragrances.

cool water davidoff

Cool water Davidoff 

Keeping to water for men this is just a really simple and pure scent which isn’t too over powering. If a guy likes to smell good when people come up close but have nothing too bold then I would say give it a try. It is one of those that is really nice when you are up near as the dry down turns in to a mysterious musk mix also with oak moss.


Jean Paul Gaultier le male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Something about this is really nice and so it makes my top 5 and I think it is actually a best seller. The notes are a good charismatic but more subtle with mint, orange blossom and tonka bean included in the mix.

If that wasn’t enough then the bottle has to do it as it looks great on a counter top. Not to mention the his and hers on the counter top look too cute together!


So I really tried hard to come up with ones that either I know or  have frequently been mentioned to me by trusted individuals from my social circles. This is hopefully a starting point for you however I would like to mention that I feel a Tom Ford fragrance is missing in this post although I don’t know which I reckon again it would be from the Oud selection because I personally love Ouds so much.

Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments as it may help someone else.





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