Why you need a jumpsuit this Summer 2020


Since 2020 is the year of loungewearers, comfort is going to be a key consideration for outfits post lock down. This is why I am sharing playsuits which are not just a easy grab outfit piece, but also comfortable to wear. This will be a collaborative post with Femme Luxe Finery, which is where I will be sharing examples from.

Jumpsuit vs Playsuit

Playsuits are generally a short sleeved top and shorts all in one. A jumpsuit on the other hand, is trousers and a top. Many brands will class playsuits and jumpsuits as the same garment so they’re easier to locate.

Occassion ready

As jumpsuits are really easy to wear and suit so many body types. They are also great for special occassions like birthday or even a wedding. If you want to lengthen your legs then keep your suit short and add a pair of heels. Both jumpsuits and playsuits are particularly handy when you intend to go and dance the night away. Especially since you don’t need to worry about flashing someone, like you would with a short skirt. Below are a couple of key considerations I generally follow.

Remember your waist

Often when you think jumpsuit then you think super casual however you can eccentuate your figure by simply adding a belt. Even by just adding a jumper or jacket around the waitst can make a huge difference to your shape. My go-to has been known to be a black jumpsuit with the gold belt. Really easy to throw together but looks very chic.


Adding some accessories also makes a huge difference to the look. Think about your nacklace, earrings and shades (if you’re out and about). These can coordinate the look from head to toe and generally bring the look together.

Despite being a rare wardrobe item in previous years, these will definitely be on the rise in 2020. You never have to think too hard about what to wear and they can be dressed up and down. For these reasons jumpsuits are going to be a must in the wardrobe this year.

Which will you be adding to your wardrobe?


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  1. I absolutely love the jumpsuits that you showed!

    1. Nadiene says:

      I’m so glad you liked love them too

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