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I wanted to talk discuss hair care and how I found Natur Vital shampoo. In order for my hair to look glossy and healthy I need to ensure it is well moisturised but not greasy. The cold weather makes this a really big challenge and I often experience phases of dandruff, severe dry scalp with greasy hair.

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Excess build-up of oils on the scalp is one of the causes of dandruff. This can the create a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis which is yellowish white flakes often associated with it. (dry scalp is identified by light small flakes of skin)

In the winter months dandruff is more common as often there is less humidity in the air and people tend not to wash their hair as frequently. Commonly overlooked is that frequently wearing hats can prevent oxygen getting to the scalp and dry it further. Who doesn’t constantly wear a hat when it is cold (the other day I put on two!).


Natur Vital

The fact that Natur Vital Anti-Danruff shampoo Regulates and Purifies the hair and scalp, caught my attention as it sounded like exactly what I needed. The brand do however have a large range of products for many hair requirements.

Natur Vital range is vegan and has no parabens or silicones. The formula contains plant based active ingredients and has clinically proven effectiveness from University of Barcelona. This really made me keen to put it to the test and see whether it really could show immediate results.



I tried it on a particularly frustrating scalp day and literally it disappeared instantly along with any scalp problems. Also I found that the dandruff I was experiencing did not return between washes. This was a first for me since normally this doesn’t stop until the weather it warms up.

The Natur Vital range is available at Boots.

What are your dandruff tips?


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