Dry January: Benefits of going alcohol-free

Dry January: Benefits of going alcohol-free

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Hugely popular dry January has so many annual participants that you probably know someone participating this year. This post will explore the benefits to your skin and general well-being impacts. 

Impacts of drinking

The alcohol metabolised compound makes all the body’s blood vessels relax, which may feel great but has repercussions for the skin. Alcohol also has dehydrating effects, which result in a duller appearance and more prominent fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A levels are also reduced in the skin, speeding up the skin’s ageing process. That is all before the sugar spike leads to breakouts, and the excess drinking causes your body to suffer zinc deficiency. The strong histamine reaction causes inflammation, leading to facial redness or rosacea. 

Alcohol-free benefits:

More money: due to the decrease in spending on alcohol

Liver detox: cutting back on alcohol will reduce your liver fat which reduces the chances of damage

Zero hangovers: You will be able to get up and out of bed earlier due to the absent hangovers.

Better sleep: Alcohol can block elements of our sleep cycle, making us feel tired in the morning. A lack of sleep can build up the stress hormone cortisol. The more cortisol there is in the body, the more your skin will suffer from breakouts, oiliness and worry lines.

Weight loss: alcohol inhibits your ability to burn fat as quickly, and it also increases your appetite and your craving to eat unhealthy food the next day on a hangover.

Since the skin will already be feeling dehydrated due to the colder Winter weather, avoiding alcohol will maintain skin hydration levels. The skin renewing process varies from person to person but can take around 28 days. Any damage from consumption over the festive period will also have time to repair.  

Once you begin to welcome back alcohol in February, be sure to introduce this slowly. Consuming a full meal before or during alcohol consumption is always recommended whilst alternating with water to replenish hydration levels.

Will you be going dry this January?



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  1. Dry January is such a great thing to do!

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