2023| One Week Down

Happy Sunday how was your return to work week? Mine was far more eventful than I expected. But first, let me shout out @GazaroundLondon for buying me a coffee.

Aside from that, I’ve been focussing on setting up 2023 goals, including my planner set-up. I’ve shared a little about my planner or planners in general on JustNadiene. I have a separate Instagram page. I generally use January to reflect on the previous year and plan for the year ahead. It takes me some time to visualise this in the level of detail I need, but I use some tools to assist with this process. Next week I will share some of these with you, which I hope you will find helpful.

This week I’ve continued to try and heavily moisturise my hair by all means possible to stop this breakage. So, I used the Aztec Secret Healing mask with apple cider vinegar and lots of lavender essential oil (because I love the scent more than the scent of vinegar, and my scalp seems to love lavender). A deep conditioning mask followed this, and I decided to skip the heat and try twisting to stretch my hair. My curls have never looked better than they do at the moment. If I continue this moisture level, I can see the return of growth in the one patch that seems to be struggling.

Next on my trouble list is my nails which are soft and brittle. I’ve filed them down and don’t know what to do about them. I’ll dig out some nail hardener and leave them alone for a while. One nail colour I have been swooning over is “milky white”, and I am on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ shade, just like so many people I know. Some I have seen shared online don’t look the same once purchased, so this is a little more difficult than I anticipated. Once I discover anything similar, I will let you know.

Milk nails

My recent routine has been consistent; however, I recently picked up a fan-favourite foundation. Initially, I did not want to admit I liked it, but since it has now been just over a week of daily use, I will share it with you next week.

In more beauty news, there have been two recent launches which I have got my hands on: the Rare beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter and the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter. If you need to decide whether you want one (or both), then don’t worry, as the reviews are coming soon!

Over on Twitter, I was discussing my love of the City of London, where I have spent most of my working life. Although if you are in London frequently and are a coffee drinker, I recommend you check out the Pret coffee club. In honour of this, I will be formulating a few local guides around things other than visiting the endless number of Pret stores.

In other news, I’m picking up a copy of the controversial launch of the heavily discussed (shhhh) Spare next week because I need to know what everyone is discussing. If anyone else is going to be reading this, please let me know so we can chat.



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