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You would have noticed that previously I had the pleasure of getting LVL treatment at Nouveau lashes since becoming a member of #lashgang. I had not heard about this treatment previously and I was really excited to be in the hands of professionals.


My first question was “What is LVL?”. LVL is

Length, Volume, Lift basically exactly what happens to your lashes after receiving the treatment. Personally I do not feel that I have short lashes and I am also happy with volume so if there is a way to really lift them, then I definitely wanted to give it a go.


After arranging my treatment with my local Nouveau I received an email advising I was going to receive a patch test kit which arrived first thing the following morning. I have never had any treatments before and my face is rather sensitive so personally I found it reassuring that you take a patch test to ensure that you don’t react to any products used in the treatment. It was important that I did this and had 48 hours before my treatment to ensure I didn’t react so the speediness of the patch test dispatch was really helpful.


When I arrived in Purley I met Shareen who was going to do my treatment. I am telling you Shareen made my experience even more special and I completely understand why she is an award winning Nouveau Lash Trainer. I was nervous and she made me feel really at ease and her passion for lashes is inspiring.


Each step was explained to me and even though my eyes were closed throughout, I felt comfortable because I knew what was happening every step of the way. Shareen even told me about the health of my lashes and the lash cycle.


Time flew by and it only took about 45 minutes in total. Initially the products smell like a perm product and then the lashes get conditioned (the conditioner smells lush!). After that the lashes get tinted which really made me happy as mine are brown so they look half invisible without mascara normally.


Shareen then gave me aftercare advice but they require little maintenance and you can literally wake up and go. When I decided to put on mascara for the first time after my treatment, I was stunned as to how they looked.


LVL lastes for 6-8 weeks generally, I’d say mine was closer to the 8 as I used the conditioning serum daily to nourish my lashes. After that you can go and get the treatment again which costs around £45 (varies per salon region).

Fancy trying it yourself? Check out Nouveau for more info.




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