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I am always using lip balms and for a very long period I was always playing the Candy Crush game. So when I saw these new Candy Crush Lip Balms I knew I needed to try them out.

The scent of these is very true to the name and I feel that I needed to be quite generous with my application to gain the moisture level I prefer. When wearing it feels a little like vaseline which is useful before applying matte lips shades which can be drying on the lips. The shades of the balms vary however you don’t get any real pigment on your lips.


I am not really a chocolate person however I found that between the two I actually much preferred “Chocolate Mountains”. If you are a chocolate lover then I think this will get your cravings going as it is a really nice chocolate scent. I was pleased that there was not difference in formula between the two.


One thing I found surprising is that these can be found exclusively in you local Primark stores for only £1.50.  There are a total selection of four lip balms available in “Bubblegum Bridge”, “Chocolate Mountains”, “Peppermint Palace” and “Lemonade Lake”, all of which have a candy crush theme packaging.

Also if you are looking for cute little Easter gift baskets as a chocolate egg alternative then I feel these would make a nice little treat.

Will you be giving these a try?

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