Need a Kylie Jenner distraction? – Five things to do for the next 4 months


So there has been much speculation around whether Kylie Jenner is or isn’t having a baby and since she doesn’t seem to be confirming anytime soon I thought I would write this post around alternative things that we could do for the next four months whilst we impatiently wait it out. (please don’t let us wait like Cheryl Cole)

So when you think about it if she is allegedly five months gone then we only have another four to go which will bring us to January 2018!

So here are five things what we can do instead;

Start Christmas shopping – Yep I said it and it is coming and actually that’ll keep you occupied enough.

Enjoy pre-Christmas sales – If you want to get everything at once then why not aim for Black Friday or Cyber Monday since they are in November you can stock up on all your gifts then.

Decide where to spend NYE and more importantly who with – Don’t leave it until last minute like me.

Figure out how you’re going to make it to January pay day – Because we all spend everything across the festive season.

Decide what New Year resolutions to fail at – Lets be honest here they either aren’t really ones you want to commit to OR they evolve either way they don’t end the way they started.

So that’s it whatever happens we will find out soon enough and there’s plenty to do in the meantime.


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  1. bornfreewitht says:

    love your sense of humor nudge nudge I am definitely sold on Christmas shopping

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it.😂 Next time you look someone will have had a baby from that family especially since now they are saying Khloe is having one too

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