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So if you had recently watched my socials then you know that I luckily found Espace Gabrielle Chanel in Mayfair, London. This was completely a moment of luck as I was actually en-route else where and decided to detour down one of my favourite streets when I found it.


To celebrate the launch of their new fragrance a pop-up was opened to showcase the highly anticipated scent. It was like a gallery to provide visitors with some background knowledge around not only the fragrance but Gabrielle Chanel herself. For those of you like me, who were unaware her first name was Gabrielle and Coco was a name given by her father to avoid a nickname of Gabby. Inside I was provided with an option of a guided tour which I took and although the space was filled with all sorts of amazing things even a copy of her signature was display. There was also a sensorial discovery which was unfortunately unavailable when I attended however this would have been awesome as it was a workshop all around the creation of the fragrance. The floral scents were blended together and took 15 years to create not to mention five years to create the bottle.


I totally enjoyed this tour my guide was named Amethyst (and I knew I wouldn’t forget such an awesome name).


Even better along with a sample so I could try the fragrance myself, I was given an exclusive bag and poster so I can remember my visit forever. This pop-up was until Sunday 24th so unfortunately you can no longer check it out yourself.


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