What’s In My Makeup Case [Feb 24]

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Since I’ve been going into the office daily and (trying) to maintain a routine a travel case has become more important. This is as when you’re on the go it’s handy to do the occasional touch up throughout the day, such as after lunch. Each week I’ve found that I’ve changed what’s in it to the point that I now feel like it’s probably worth sharing. My general look stays the same as I like simple makeup with winged liner. The reason it changes is because my finish preference will vary with what I’m feeling that week as well as the weather. So, when I packed up my little make up case today, I took a note of what I was using so I could share it with you.

Nars Laguna Tiare Bronzer

My good friend Emily sent this my way as it was too deep for her skin and I am so grateful. This is now my go-to bronzer and it goes around everywhere with me now. Obviously I looked it up to see whether I will be able to get a restock once I run out and for how much (as NARs is on the higher end side of cosmetics). Obviously it would be my luck that this is limited edition and so if anyone knows of any alternatives which are a dupe then do let me know. You can still get the usual Laguna bronzer though so it’s the same shade just different packaging. Here

Elf 16hr Camo Concealer

Since I’m running low on concealers I went back to this one from ELF. To be perfectly honest, I’m unsure why exactly I put it down. This concealer is super lightweight and comfortable to wear day to day so I love wearing it in the office. The places in the day which I like to top up is only my under eyes as every single concealer separates there for me no matter what I try. This is why it is in my makeup bag rather than at home.

Elf Halo Glow Setting Powder

The non-halo setting powder was previously featured on an empties post but when I went to replace it this is what I happened to pick up. Since winter skin is so real for me the glow from this is just what my skin needed. It is particularly noticeable for me around the jaw area which just looks dull compared to the rest of my face. The interesting part is that I assumed the light was translucent powder and have been happy with the results. Will definitely be trying out the medium to see how it compares when I see one next in store. The glow comes from finely milled sapphire particles as ELF is 100% vegan and cruelty free.  

So Eco Powder Brush

I always carry a brush around with me to dust some powder in the afternoon over my t-zone area. This week I packed this one because when I was getting ready this morning I used it and the bristles were so soft that they made me happy. Pretty much can’t get a better reason than that in my book.

Nars Orgasm Blush

You’ll noticed I have no highlight listed this isn’t because it stays at home but because I don’t use any day to day. Main reason is because I have this blush which gives me enough of a glow. I like that the colour on me is subtle too so I look like I’m naturally a little blushed.

Mini Beauty Blender

If you use your fingers or a brush to top up then you are doing it all wrong. The best way is to use a beauty blending sponge and now it’s the only way I use. This one, although they only come in a set, are literally a life saver when I have a long day out.

Colourpop Just A Tint [Big Time]

When it comes to my looks I can never decide on lips (although I always go for a nude shade). This morning when I picked up my bag I decided I wanted something a little lighter and more moisturising. This is why I decided to go with the “Just a tint” from Colourpop. They have a variety of shades however the shade “big time” is a nice brown nude shade for me. Usually I would go for the matte liquid lip in Fuego for every day but I’ve just run out! The Just a Tint lip crayon is really moisturising which, this time of year, is really helpful. No longer could I find this shade on the website however there are loads to choose from and for only $8 each. Sports FX Finish Liner

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner

The thing I really love about this is just how generous the product amount is. It does exactly what it says and delivers super intense colour. May I add that this is only £1.50!!!!

Finally here’s what I smell of this week….Ariana Grande

This fragrance hasn’t yet vacated my handbag since valentines. It was on promotional discount at Superdrug and I could not miss out. It is a sweet scent however on me, it’s not so much. Most people tell me I smell of passionfruit when I wear it and often stop and ask what it is. It’s not often I get such compliments so I’m going to be keeping it on for a while longer. It is a bit bulky in the heart however you can remove the physical perfume from that which is handy. Alternatively, you could always fill up one of those twist and sprays. This will be going on to my Fragrantica shelve either way.

Would love to hear what you think about this post and also what is in your makeup bag this week.

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