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Now that we are entering the festive season I thought I would start sharing items from brands which I not only like because they make me feel good, but also brands I think would make great gifts for loved ones.

Since I was a little girl I remember admiring my mothers jewellery collection and dreamt of having my own one day. Although she always looked great in gold whereas I have found that I have a love for silver (white gold, platinum and rose gold). Originally I went for bold statement, bling bling pieces however as I have gotten older I have found a real love for more delicate pieces as they make me feel more feminine.

Delicate jewellery pieces allow for subtle glamour, whether this is for work or leisure. The other benefit of delicate jewellery pieces is that they allow you to wear more at once. Stacking necklaces has become hugely popular and this looks much more classy with delicate pieces (that’s just my opinion anyway).

Kaytie Wu

Recently I have discovered Kaytie Wu which was originally created back in 2015 by designer Kaytie Wu. They offer a range of fabulous fashion and sleek style silver, gold and rose gold jewellery. Luckily I was able to get my hands on these two matching pieces with this gorgeous floral detail.

The thing that I love in jewellery is when pieces match as it ties everything together as well as it adds some subtle style. No matter what outfit you coordinate this set with, any ensemble from business to everyday wear I think gain an added attractiveness.

It took me quite some time before deciding on these really nice but simple pieces. There was also a tube necklace which had my attention. I feel these will wear extremely well stacked together and even with some of the other chains. There’s also a range of sets you can get at a discount by purchasing the set. (where available)

A lot of effort was placed into the packaging of each of these. When my order arrived it was in the cutest bag/box pink packaging accompanied by a gift bag. The actual pieces were not only enclosed in the box but also inside an additional plastic bag. Inside each box was a cleaning clot so I could keep each piece nice and shiny. There was also a care card so you know how to handle them in order for them to last.

If like me, you are thinking of gift ideas then be sure to check Kaytie Wu.

Special thanks to Kaytie Wu for allowing me to share these with you.





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