Handbag – 10 things you’ll always find in it


One thing you will notice about me is that I will always have my handbag. These are 10 things in it that you will always find however I think I may follow up with the 10 I can’t live without.

1. Mobile/Cell phone –

I don’t mind which name you call it by just know that it must be in my handbag. The average person googles something 4 times a day which means I must be dangerously being an alien with near enough 4 times an hour.

2. Pen

I love writing things down even when I make a digital version as mobile traffic can be painful in London so it’s good to have a back up plan. My favourite is my Montblanc pen as it is beautiful to write with.

3. Treats

If you’re always on the go like me then keeping a treat in your bag is a great way to maintain concentration levels. I like to keep it healthy and easy to carry so I use graze to make sure I don’t give into my sweet tooth often.

4. Compact Mirror

Nothing worse than having to pay to see if you have lipstick on your teeth after a meal. My mirror has fantastic spotlights along the sides so there’s always a balanced lighting.

5. Lip gloss

Actually I normally have 2 or 3 (nude, glitter nude and a red/pink), just to compliment my mood throughout the day.

6. Organiser

As I mentioned I love writing and I love quirky organisers and sticker reminders. My favourites are from paperchase and luckily the ones on the shelves start the diary secotion from June. If you are converting to using an organiser for the second half of the year I would recommend them.

7. Contactless payment card

Who needs an Oyster card or money nowadays. Contactless cards save me from endless handbag searches.

8. USB cable

I can not wait until everywhere has wireless charging like my local Starbucks, until then having a usb cable handy tends to help.

9. Headphones

I really enjoy music to mentally prepare me for my destination so a good pair of headphones goes without saying.

10. Perfume

I have one for everything and really love a unique perfume. My signature perfume is Coco Chanel.

Would you say that you keep the same items in your handbag or are there any I haven’t included? I’d love to know.

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  1. Gemma Tutu says:

    Hey Nadine, it was great to read one of these normally they are on YouTube. As a fellow blogger I prefer to read so this was right up my alley!

    In my handbag I have hand sanitizer, hand cream, a mini deodorant from superdrug. A power bar charger thing I got for £5 it’s really good. Umbrella. Tissues and pads TMI. Oh and nappies/wipes etc for my little girl.

    I really want an organiser. I have been looking at the filo faxes but they’re a bit pricey. I’ll have to pop to paperchase.

    Love, Gem x

    1. Thank you for sharing you’ve got much better choices as I’m always in need of tissues and an umbrella lol. Hand sanitiser is a must when you’re on the go. I recently purchased a powerbank I can not believe I just discovered these they are amazing.
      If you sign up to paperchases membership then you get a 5 pound off voucher on your birthday. I used mine towards a filofax however I bought a large one which doesn’t always fit in my handbag and is really heavy now as I filled it so much 🙈.

  2. Your Blog Post- An ethereal escape !! I loved it…<3 They are indeed the "must" to any women's handbag….

    I will surely add 1 thing my pretty little scarf, which acts more like a hanky to me 😉

    1. Thank you so much 💖

    2. That’s such a nice touch! Do you have a collection of them?

  3. Great blog post – fresh and to the point.

    You are set to go with all these items in your bag. Due to being a blogger and running an online business, I cannot be without my phone so my charger follows me everywhere!

    I agree about having a mirror to check your mouth after eating. No matter how carefully I eat, I always manage to leave a crumb near my mouth – how I do not know!

    I do not carry:
    Contact payment less card

    1. Thanks in relieved you understand my food phobia. Anything you carry currently that you can’t live without?

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