Gelish Vs Shellac

gelish vs shellac


Recently I have been getting familiar with my natural nail care. Painting my nails has been the thing that I have found myself doing most. This is mainly since even the slightest chip will upset me however I use my hands frequently so this is naturally a frequent occurrence.

To save time I have been exploring long wearing alternatives which I can do at home. When I previously visited the salon, they would also recommend shellac however at home I find I am recommended Gelish. In this post I wanted to find out the difference between the two.

gelish polish


What is Gelish?

The clue is actually in the name since Gelish is gel in the form of a polish. Prior to application your nails will require buffing and ideally wiped down with rubbing alcohol. Since they’re designed for the natural nail it can be applied like standard nail polish but cured under a UV or LED lamp. One of the huge benefits is that it can last up to 3 weeks whilst still maintaining both its high gloss and shine. The removal process requires your nails to be wrapped up with a cotton pad soaked in Gelish remover held in place with a piece of foil. Alternatively you could break the top seal by gently roughing the surface with a file and then soak in acetone. 

CND Shellac Polish

What is Shellac?

Original Shellac nail polish is made by CND (Creative Nail Design) and in my Salon, very prominent. It is a hybrid gel polish which means, to put it simply, it uses solvents more like your usual polishes. You don’t require any buffing prior to application and can only be cured under UV lamp. Results can last up to 2 weeks and for removal you need to soak in acetone for around 10 minutes.


What’s right for me?

Both will provide a well manicured look which you will be happy to show when shaking hands. Gelish and Shellac both have over 100 shades to pick from and can both go over your natural nail. If like me, you are very heavy handed then you made find Gelish is less likely to chip or peel. However if you wear gloves when washing up and this isn’t a concern it really won’t make a huge difference. No matter which you decide to go with, I hope this answers your question.

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