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With the recent weather changes those who easily develop dandruff can begin to suffer around this time of year. Even worse, if sufferers drink white wine, champagne or snack on cheese platters they’ll often find that their condition worsens. These types of things become increasingly difficult to avoid as the festive season approaches. Hair toners and shampoos that sooth the scalp and calm any irritation are recommended to help soothe this condition.

However, this is just one of several challenges that come with the change of weather. Moving from the cold weather into central heated homes can also play a part. This is as the moisture levels change which causes a rapid change in the hairs protein bonds. Of course, if you prefer to wear a hat then this could make your scalp sweat which doesn’t help your hair. The Winter moisture also makes it more difficult to air dry hair and many may reach for the hair dryer more frequently. The added and frequent heat use can harm hair further.

These challenges are all too familiar for many including Anabel Kingsley, trichologist and hair care expert at Philip Kingsley, the leading authority in hair and scalp health. Philip Kingsley have a range of products suited to all hair types which include scalp treatments for those suffering with the colder weather. Here are some expert tips from Anabel on how best to address a dry, irritated scalp.

Scalp Care

A weekly exfoliating scalp mask like the Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask can also be very helpful as it lifts away flakes and accumulation of dead skin cells.

Hair Protection

The best way to prevent winter frizz is to use products that form a barrier between your hair and the atmosphere. The Philip Kingsley Preen Cream immediately smooths strandswhilst discouraging moisture from entering the hair cuticles.

Shampoo Regularly

Philip Kingsley One More Day, a lightweight dry shampoo that not only soaks up oil and adds body, but also soothes the scalp. It comes in a handbag friendly size so you can easily refresh your style on the go.

Moisture Retention

To restore moisture to the hair shaft, use a weekly intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. To help guard the hair from damage, apply a heat protective spray or serum such as Philip Kingsley Straight Hair Heat Activated Serum to towel-dried hair before styling.


Keep a detangling spray like Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence next to your hand basin and liberally apply it before combing through. Start at your ends and gently work your way up. If you start at the roots you will make the knots worse.

Protein Rich Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is vital to healthy, dandruff-free hair. Eating before leaving home and having a healthy breakfast in the morning is important. Always keep a supply of eggs, fish or cold cuts in your fridge. This is because protein is key to the diet as it is also what hair is made from.

The Philip Kingsley ranges can help all hair types and concerns including dandruff. I will be featuring more hair content and Philip Kingsley ranges so be sure to return for more hair care tips.

*This post contained gifted items and affiliate links however all opinions are my own.



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