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So it is getting closer and closer to the end of the year and I promised that I would not do only one gift list so here are my small gift or stocking filler ideas. (depending on what you are celebrating this year or/and how big your stocking is).

I have been lucky enough to get these two lovely lip toppers in Tan Lines and Skinny Dip by Jouer. The packaging is really small and the gloss sparkles like the stars which I think would be a great lippie addition for the festive period. They have also just realised “Frost bite” which I literally a really icy glitter shade.


Tanya Burr has some really cute gifts in

Superdrug currently and I think this would make an amazing gift for someone if they like their red shades. I personally own two of Tanya Burr glosses and I love both plus if the person is a Tanya fan then this would be ideal.


I heart makeup have some really cute stocking filler size items which would certainly bring me joy to receive obviously Unicorn Heart highlighter would be top of my list however I would also say these “I love my lips” lip balms are really handy and would make fantastic stocking fillers too.


If you know a makeup lover who does not own this Cleopatra’s kiss highlighter palette then now is the perfect time. I have spoken to a number of users of this palette and all say the same as me “it is like you are dipped in gold” (do I need to say anymore?). This £9.99 palette can be purchased at Boots, Superdrug or directly from Sleek online.


I was really surprised by the gifts available in Sainsburys and I picked up these two lovely handbag mirrors on discount. I think they were £2.25 and make really cute stocking fillers.


As a lover of Nouveau lashes because they are so weightless and a member of Lashgang I would say these make great stocking fillers. They are inexpensive and I have also noticed that T.K.Maxx has started stocking some of their range, but there’s not a guarantee as only one out of three stores I visited had them.

Makeup Obsession is available online directly of through Boots. Personally I would go to Boots Emporium where you can create a personalised palette for a loved one and get the palette engraved for £3. However you could pick up individual shadows, highlight and contour colours from £2 and use these as stocking fillers. This is my 12 palette however there are also 6 shade palettes (blog post coming soon).


I love going to New Look not just for clothes but also for their gift selection. They have some great unicorn items and I spotted this keyring for £3.99 which would also make a fantastic stocking filler.



The alternative for small gifts is you can do what I love which is gift packages for your friends filled with small items like these. Be sure to let me know some of your favourite finds.


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