The truth about the end of a Rainbow


I am writing this in honour of my childhood dream of finding the end of a rainbow. On Tuesday 22nd November, I found a rainbow and as always I chased it. By chased I mean I drove towards the end in the hope I would find the end of it before the rainbow faded away.

You hear all these tales about unicorns, leprechauns and pots of gold so it seems like there is a good return if you find one in your lifetime right? Besides no one I know has ever found one that I know apart from in their dreams.


I happened to be in Surrey when I spotted this one and initially I pulled over in my car just so I could capture this snap shot of it. Looking at it a little closer I notice that it was not that far away and so I decided I would try and find where it grounded.


It was a little difficult to find safe places to park and take a shot and so the sad part is I did not manage to get one as I found where it grounded. This was as there was not a safe place to park also there it faded quickly by this time as the rain had stopped. Unfortunately there were not unicorns or leprechauns, or a pot of gold however I still want to chase them so  I can get a photo of me standing under it next time


Have you ever achieved a childhood goal, which one was it?



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  1. themixedmedic says:

    such a cute article xx

    1. I was both happy and sad by this experience

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