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I previously shared with you on my resolutions post, how much I wanted to set up my own YouTube channel.

Snapshot 1 blog vid

Helping others has always been a great passion of mine and I also love to play with make up so I feel really proud to share my new YouTube channel. It has been a real learning curve for me doing this for the first time and it has actually taken me several months before I personally posted my first one.

On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can catch the preview videos however here is some takes from them.

I really hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe so I will post another for you 😉




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  1. So happy for you, that you started your own channel. I started a channel too would be awesome if we could support each other 👍

    1. I love your banner ♡

      1. Thx so much I uploaded it today 😘

  2. caminim says:

    So glad that you started a channel <3 loved the video and subscribed too xx

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