Month: June 2019

Foundation Mapping | The Very Obvious Hack

Recently I shared my application of Mary Kay beauty products which I actually demonstration foundation mapping. Its pretty much a technique which I prefer and one which not everyone may be aware of so let me explain. Shade The key thing when it comes to using a technique such as this is having a near […]

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June Favourites and Empties

Firstly it’s definitely worth noting that i’m finally doing a favourites. I feel like it has been absolutely ages since I’ve done one. At one point I had so many favourites I couldn’t fit them into one post with out dragging. But on the other hand I had time where I had barely no favourites […]

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8 Mean Girls Quotes You Need To Know

Over the weekend it became apparent that someone didn’t know why some people say “On Wednesday’s we wear pink”. Once recovered from the shock of this news it became obvious to me that I needed to do a post. This is really quick and perfect if you want to relive the iconic moments or get […]

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Primers For Oily Skin | A Different Approach

A question I frequently receive is the best primers for oily skin types also which I use. Many will recommend oil-free which kinda feels like an obvious answer. I’ve been using oil free primers and finding that initially my makeup looks great however in the afternoon, my make up separates all over the place. Originally […]

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This Weeks New Products

This post is kind of like a part one to share with you some things I am going to start trying out this week. I feel like I rarely post so much chatting about my excitement about things and want that to return to the blog. Colourpop Lite Stix It makes me really grateful that […]

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