Sakura 桜 – Perfect date night location


If you are a lover of good food and want something really special than you’ll love Sakura Japanese restaurant. I feel like Japanese restaurants around London are quite rare so I always get excited when I come across one. This one is in New Malden above Bingsoo and a hidden gem.

Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom tree, has very strong meaning in Japanese culture dating back to the 18th century. The blossom is represented in many consumer goods including, Kimono and stationary. As you can see this artificial tree, was also the centerpiece of the restaurant and the main source of lighting.

The entire restaurant was traditional looking complete with a set of chopsticks.

There were a selection of private rooms for events which were spacious enough medium sized events.

Despite the beauty of the restaurant,  the food was by far the best feature. Perfectly presented and mouthwateringly good. The service by far one of the quickest I have even recieved.

The food was so good that I had to try a dessert despite the fullness of my belly. So happy I did as this “Mango” was worth it. Layers of mango sorbet and coconut ice cream glass with some lovely syrup and topped with frozen kiwi, lychee and raspberry.

This restaurant is quite hidden so if you are interested in Bingsoo or happen to be in New Malden then be sure to check it out. If you do go to Bingsoo first then you recieve a 20% off voucher for your meal although the price I’d very reasonable.

If you have any Japanese restaurants you live pr of you are planning to go to Sakura, please be sure to leave me a comment.


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