Hampton Court flower show 2015


Throughout the year all over the UK, you can attend a flower show hosted by the RHS. I had the pleasure of attending the Hampton Court flower show in perfect weather.

Held in the grounds of Hampton Court palace this is a prime location for such a wonderful event. There are a range of exhibitions, shops and of course show gardens to entertain you.




Now that we have officially left summer behind us I thought I would share one of my highlights.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Hampton Court flower show for the first time this year and I have to say I really enjoyed this one.  The creativity really impressed me and there was enough of a variety to appeal to those at all stages of their green figured journey. The highlight of the day (apart from free packets of crisps), was when I reached the conceptual gardens.

This area was oozing with creativity and inspiration not to mention I could not stop taking photos from all different angles.





What was your favourite garden let me know in the below comments.

If you fancy attending the Hampton Court flower show then keep your eye on the RHS website for tickets.

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