Month: February 2021


3 Mood Improving Exercises

If this was not enough to get you moving, then there are a wealth of additional benefits. Endorphins not only make you feel good but also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp.Also, stimulation of brain cells supports age-related decline. You also gain higher self-esteem by completing a regular exercise habit. If added to morning […]

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Why You Should Take Vitamin D Supplements

What is Vitamin D Vitamin D is important in the regulation of calcium and phosphate in your body making it key to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities and bone pain in both children and adults which is why it is important you have the correct […]

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Skinimalism | 2021’s Biggest Beauty Trend

Predicted one of the 2021 beauty trends to look out for is Skinimalism. If you haven’t heard then Skinimalism is balanced somewhere between makeup and skincare. Despite this, the well balanced ‘lazy girl edition’ routine still leaves skin looking amazing. This new form of ‘no-makeup makeup’ allows you to embrace a more natural look whilst […]

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Kylie Skin | Review

Kylie Skin is a skincare brand owned by Kylie Jenner. Although this brand has been around for a little while now, only recently have I been able to try the range for myself. I’ll share my thoughs on how the range performed in this post. The products I will be reviewing are the 4 piece […]

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