I posted my latest french toast serving to my instagram and was asked what the fruit was a few times so I thought I would introduce to you the pineberry. It is honestly a favourite of mine however they are very difficult to come across.  The reason why I know about them was because tesco…

My must-haves from this month

So there has been soo much going on that I have not had the chance to share with you just the most amazing finds. So here are my current faves from this month.

Autumn strolls

I love the colours of Autumn it always gets me thinking about hibernating and a new wardrobe. I like variety on my walks so big, open green areas not far from town appeal most to me. At the moment I particularly like walks in Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park as I not only get to…

Suk Suran – Wimbledon

I love that Friday feeling and as I was on leave this week dinner at suk suran was a fantastic end to it all. This brilliant but intimate Thai restaurant is located in the perfect proximity to any means of transportation afterwards so no need to run for your last train! The interior was beautiful all…

Kensington Olympia – Yas

I go to the beauty show in Kensington Olympia every year and anyone that has been knows it is fast paced, lively and really exciting. It is fair to say that at the end of it all nothing beats going somewhere local to dine and for me that place is Yas.