Suk Suran – Wimbledon

I love that Friday feeling and as I was on leave this week dinner at suk suran was a fantastic end to it all. This brilliant but intimate Thai restaurant is located in the perfect proximity to any means of transportation afterwards so no need to run for your last train!

The interior was beautiful all the way to the powder room (which is super important to me). The entire restaurant was filled with a refreshingly beautiful smell of lemongrass which the waitress told me they imported oil burners from Thailand for.


There are three in London, one in Wimbledon, Fulham & Chelsea and if you fancy a night in, there is a collection only takeaway option. The thing that really stood out to me was the table service considering it was a Friday night I could not believe how prompt, friendly and helpful they all were.

Not only was the food amazing but the presentation was breathtaking. I went for basically three courses (before a desert) but luckily they provided me with a takeaway box as the portions were perfectly sized.


If you try it out or any of the other locations let me know how it goes. I definitely want to work my way through their menu.


N xox

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