Organic Aromas Diffuser – One form of relaxation every blogger should try

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Previously I mentioned in my blog how I had been using aromatherapy to help me focus in times of blogging crisis and I wanted to update you and hopefully help those of you that have recently started reading.

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Radiance – Essential oil diffuser for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used by our ancestors for thousands of centuries for some common health benefits. Some of these are to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia (to name a few). The fear of the unknown can impact all of us from time to time and as a blogger, this can result in a creativity block. There are different ways which we can attempt to combat this through distractions such as going to the gym, undertaking other activities. Although this can support relaxing to some degree, you may also find it results in a missed post for a week. The alternative is to look to your list of blogs which is great although if you are suffering blogging block then you may find placing words on to the page still difficult.

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I recently received an upgrade to my previous diffuser from Organic Aromas and as you can see, this is a work of handmade art. Generally I use mine every day at least twice for two hours so I am delighted that this diffuser is so advanced that there is no need to add water to the oil before diffusing. Not only does it mean I get to top up my fragrance much easier but also it mean that my room is filled with 100% undiluted essential oil. (Also it means that I get to avoid limescale build up at the base of my diffuser.)

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Organic Aromas – Signature Blend

In my last post I also mentioned that I had begun mixing different oils to create different moods well now I have over 30 different essential oils!!! (Literally addicted). I love to test unique blends so I was delighted to try Organic Aromas signature blend. All of the essential oils used to create this have several benefits and combine, this scent was not only euphoric but also unlike anything I have ever smelt.

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You would have noticed I use it so much it even made an appearance in my latest makeup tutorial;

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The other great thing about this diffuser is that it has very nice selection of colours whilst it is on and with its auto switch off, it means I can drift off in the evenings whilst relaxing.

It is great that Organic Aromas is expanding so please check out their pages or their website for their full range of beauty.







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