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At home, microcurrent treatment devices are really popular especially with the currently limited access to salons. Recently I purchased the Magnitone Lift Off and I will share my first impressions in this post.

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

Initially, the microcurrent facial treatment was used to stimulate muscles in people with facial paralysis conditions such as Bell’s Palsy. It uses electricity to promote cell growth in the skin the face lifting side-effects which resulted in its popularity within the beauty industry. Microcurrent facials have been rising ever since and despite the name, they’re a non-invasive procedure and can provide you with immediate results which are pain-free. The facials have been shown to tighten and smooth the face particularly around the forehead.

Salon vs Home Treatment

The main comparison between at-home devices, like the one by Magnitone and salon devices, is the treatment tailoring and device wavelengths. In terms of time for the home device, you’ll be looking at around 3 to 5 minutes of daily use initially which would then be reduced down after two weeks to around three times a week and you also need a conductive gel along with the device devices can range from £100 up for a home treatment.

First Impressions

It was exciting to receive the device although it requires 12 hours initial charging time so you can’t immediately use it. This is similar to the initial charging time across all microcurrent facial devices. The most surprising thing I found was the movement of my facial muscles was actually visible to see. In terms of the side-effects, I experienced a few including seeing flashing lights whilst using the device. This stopped immediately with treatment and is not something to be concerned about. Following consistent use, this stopped after one week and is no longer experienced. Following treatment, I also felt a little exhausted which is another side-effect. It’s similar to using a jacuzzi where your body feels relaxed and tired afterwards. Ensuring you have a drink and are hydrated afterwards is also important to flush out toxins. So far I have also enjoyed using it and feel like my face is already seeing the results, particularly around my cheekbones.

So that’s it for my first impression so far. I’ll look forward to keeping you posted as to how it goes. If you want to know more about microcurrent facials, please check out my previous blog post.




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8 thoughts on “Magnitone London | Lift Off Facial Device First Impressions

  1. There’s not many blog reviews for this product, I am wondering if it’s fairly new but thank you for the review. Can I ask are you looking to purchase the Nuface because you feel you’re not getting more improved results?

    1. Thanks for asking. My desired results just wasn’t matched to the product as I wanted something that could also be used as a targeted eye treatment. I do really want to try Nuface however I’m split between either the eye adaptor for the trinity or there’s a different eye treatment device (I think this may only be for wrinkles though). Will provide an update as soon as I do get one.

    1. Great question thank you for asking. Now I use it on the higher settings now and I do feel like my cheek bones are more structured and my sleep side is less saggy. I have become a little more lazy with my use I must admit however I’m keen to get the Foreo Bear and Nuface next to compare

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