This or That posts for Instagram engagement


Recently I have really been enjoying getting to know people I follow. It literally has been a great way to start a conversation and generally feel more engaged with them. The main way that I has gotten me excited is through series of “This or That” posts.

It sounds so simple, just circle the one most applicable to you. Yet I have noticed a plethora of people enjoying them. This inspired me to create a series of my own which I would love to see answered by those I follow and who follow me.

Feel free to share the images on your own story (you don’t have to tag me but I’d love to see your answers).

This is the introduction sample and the as I make more, they will be posted to my Pinterest board.

Hope you have fun answering This or That!



This or that instagram insta-habits

instagram graitude template

instthis or that instagram story post template



One of the current blog post favourites:

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