Best friends forever

I think that it is vital throughout life to have someone to talk to about anything and I am blessed to have THE BEST best friend. We have been friends since we were tiny (3) and since then our friendship has gone from strength to strength.

There are so many external factors that can become almost distracting at times, (first boyfriend, first job, graduation…) which means that sometimes you can’t always spend as much time as you’d like with your best friend.

Now that I have got through most of the biggie’s, I think I can say that things do work out and like a fine wine, a true friendship just gets better over time.

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My tips on how to keep the friendship alive;

  1. Make your own traditions – Make time for each other don’t allow new experiences get between you. (Why not try as a minimum seeing each other on birthdays, festive periods etc..)
  2. Communicate – If you miss each other then say, Watsapp/Snapchat makes life much easier than letters but a great letter takes more effort.
  3. Do/make something special – Hand made things to me mean more but equally if you see something whilst out shopping you think your bestie would like then why not get it. MY TIP – If you see something you think your best friend would like then why not get it and save it for the next birthday/celebration then often you’ll find they end up with several gifts to open and you feel like the coolest bestie. Similarly if you happen to see a show you both like why not drop them a message etc..
  4. Cherish every memory – You may not always get to see one another often but make your time count when you do.
  5. Make the rule to break the rules – I always will ensure I invite mine out no matter who it is with or where and she is never a 3rd wheel in my eyes. That said I also make sure we get best friend time (that way we get double time).
  6. Trust your best friend – I tell mine everything and she knows she can borrow anything whenever she wanted because she is my best friend she would never abuse that privilege. Equally I trust her opinion on everything even if it didn’t agree with my own.
  7. Don’t judge – There’s always going to be a blunder in life as no one is perfect so just support each other as a problem shared is a problem halved.
  8. Forgive – You’ll only laugh at the memory over time.
  9. Be your best friends biggest fan – Support everything it might even open your eyes to new experiences if you are a little different.
  10. Go exploring – I love that sometimes we go on mini adventures outside of the norm it could be something as little as Winter Wonderland this year.


I honestly do not know what I would have done without my best friend so for all the besties out there, this post is for you! Mine will have a space on my blog going forward so be sure to check out what we get up to next.



I’d love to know what you think about my friendship tips. Let me know if you have any of your own.


N xox

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