Day: 21 March 2019

instagrammer starter kit

2019 Instagrammer Starter Kit

Is it just me or am I feeling like an old school Instagrammer these days? Jump to the 2019 Instagrammer who has evolved immensely compared to before. Slowly I’m seeing an Instagrammer lifestyle is becoming just as expensive as the Kardashians. (like seriously expensive) Worst still I’ve found myself not only liking, but genuinely desiring […]

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When To Move On From A Friendship

I’m unapologetic when it comes to looking after those I love. Showering them in anything and everything truly makes me happy. One of the biggest personal challenges I experience is feeling like a doormat because of this. Like many people, especially Cancerians, I’m guarded when I meet new people. That said once you are in […]

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