DIY Candles – Affordable gift ideas


Unless you are like me and do all of your festive period shopping throughout the year, then you are probably still trying to think of some nice unique gift ideas. Affordability at this time of year can sometimes be a strain and so here is a really simple do you yourself gift that most people would love to receive.


I always make my friends little boxes of gifts and this year I was also given an affordable budget. So I decided to make at home a personalised candle. It’s not something that is common in my social circles so I thought this would be hard to do when it was actually very easy and straight forward.

I went to a local Hobby craft store and picked up a start candle making kit. If you are more confident or need extras then you can also pick these up individually and get things such as coloured wax and a certain type of glitter etc…


The main things you will need are;

  • Votive moulds (you can get these in various shapes and sizes)
  • Wax (soy/paraffin)
  • Wick & Wick tabs/ready made wicks
  • Wooden peg or a wooden clothes peg
  • Scent (optional)

As I mentioned before, it was straight forward since I had a kit as it told me what to do step by step. Whilst melting the wax I actually added natural scent (cranberry) to make it festive however this again is optional.

If you find you really enjoy it then why not get creative and add some colouring, glitter or flower petals to your wax next time.

I’d love to hear your DIY gift suggestions.



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