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I really feel that oral hygiene is vital when it comes to looking your best. A great smile goes a really long way and maintaining one does take a little work. It makes me laugh sometimes as some of my favourite bloggers literally go as a minimum once a month to their dentist. To make it worse, this is to the point where I feel like I personally know the dentist because they all happen to be within the same area.

Unfortunately I do not have masses to invest in dental treatments however I am always trying different way to enhance my smile. It is really important to avoid the use of too many harsh chemicals on teeth so having natural methods is also important to me. Mainly I look for choice when it comes to me oral care products as my needs can change. I know some people avoid fluoride however it is something that is proven to prevent tooth decay so I wouldn’t say I completely avoid it however I like the option of not having it.


Splat is a company which I feel provide a good range of options for oral care and methods. Their selection of natural ingredients and oils also provide a range of tasty and therapeutic toothpastes. Not to mention that they care about the environment and their manufacturing facility has a CO2-neutral status. With a selection of fluoride free, and fluoride containing products, there is something for everyone and I will share with you my top picks.


The Gold toothpaste is made with diamond powder and gold particles and carefully lightens teeth and polishes enamel in the process. If you are someone that dislikes the sound of squeaky windows then be warned as my teeth literally become squeaky clean when I use this.

Next is actually my nephew’s favourite as he does not like fluoride products and it is this 99% natural biomed toothpaste. It is made with coconut oil and papain which also help to whiten the tooth enamel.

Finally the Express Oral Care Foam which is great between brushes to protect from tooth decay without brushing or water. The thing that I like about it is that you can take it with you on a long day so that you don’t get that horrid sensation of build up on your teeth before arriving home to brush. The other consideration I had was relating to when I previously had braces and would brush a lot more than usual so it is good to see that this is actually safe to use for anyone with braces.

You can purchase Splat products from hundreds of different stockists however they have a search tool on their website HERE.

SPLAT UK have kindly collaborated with me in order to provide a lucky UK reader with an opportunity to win all three of the products I mentioned in todays post. All you need to do is head over to my Instagram page tomorrow (Monday 6th November) and follow the details on the SPLAT post for you chance to win – GOOD LUCK! 

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