Top 5 foundations that are worth the money – For people with golden undertones


Many people like me seem to suffer finding a shade because we have a golden undertone. Particularly in drugstores, this becomes my most dominant frustration especially when I can not pull of a more tanned look in the cooler seasons. Based on accessibility and and colour combined I have listed my top 5 foundations which I hope you find helpful.

Although I have been asked frequently I have not yet had the opportunity to try Fenty Beauty for myself and therefore I can not consider this in my selections.


Makeup Forever

MUF is becoming more and more accessible on the high street I use to head over to a specialist store in East London before Debenhams became a stockist. When I walked into my Debenhams Oxford Street it was literally effortless to be matched and it was done with the assistants first attempt. If you think you are a similar shade to me then mine is Y455.


Bobbie Brown 

I have only sampled this once and I am definitely keen to get this which is the stick foundation in the Golden shade range, which there are a number of. I remember how happy I was to find one so perfectly matched to my face and although it is higher end, I felt it was worth it compared to me spending excessive amounts trying to mix to my match with other brands.


Shu Uemura

This is currently what I use most and regrettibly discovered it just before it stopped trading in the UK. Made in Japan, the foundation in both stick and liquid form provide beautiful coverage and a great shade. If you are one of my lucky readers who does have access to this range and want to match to me then I am deep sand (524) in both liquid and stick form.

NOTE: Don’t you think it is amazing that I am the same colour in both stick and liquid foundation? It makes it easy to locate the correct shade.


Iman Cosmetics

I knew I would find my shade however since I was looking online only when picking I did need to use the chart and even then I almost got too deep a shade. The Clay shade range is great for us golden tone and if you want to match to me then I am in Clay 2. Again they are consistent across their range and you can check out my previous post on them here.



Their matchmaster foundation is literally the only one I can use in the shade 7.0. I have been matched previously to NC45 and personally find that this shade works best in the studio sculpt foundation.

Do you have a golden undertone like me, what is your favourite foundation?


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  1. NiaFaraway says:

    The ordinary do a great one xxxx

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    1. JUSTNADIENE says:

      Thanks, I will check them out xxx


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