Things to do when you’re feeling blue


We all have those periods where everything gets us down but if you’re feeling blue about feeling blue then here are some of my tips on how to lift your mood. The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t never ending and these feeling can pass it may even be that you have been working way too hard and need some rest. You should never feel anything less than a priority no matter what situation you are in even if it means that you have to put yourself first. Also if you feel you may be suffering from depression then you should seek support from a medical profession.

Maintain a routine

You’re fed up and want to stay in bed for the next couple of days yet I am saying you need to maintain a routine, sounds crazy right? When you feel blue it can frequently be accompanied by negative thoughts around current, past or even predicted failings. This will worsen if you begin to deviate from your usual commitments that make you feel accomplished like going to the gym, preparing a healthy lunch and getting to bed on time. This is why it is vital that you set and stick to a routine as the accomplishments will challenge any thoughts of failure. Why not try making a list of things to do that are manageable and cross them off throughout the day.

Work it out (literally)

Head off to your local gym or head out for a brisk walk. The exercise will not only make you feel accomplished but also the endorphins will make you feel happier. Don’t believe me? Why not give it a go.

Mobile phone Detox

You’ve probably noticed that I am not as active on my socials at the moment that’s because I removed my acrylic nails which I always considered my defining feature *sob*. But being online in general can magnify things when you’re feeling blue. Everyone is always showing the “best” version of themselves and their lives so this can be dangerous that is not you. Better to keep mobile phone interactions at a minimum.

Spend time with friends and family

Arranging some time with close friends or relatives is always a good idea as they will definitely be able to help you forget what is going on momentarily. Alternatively they may help you see things from an alternative perspective making it much easier for you to handle and if necessary tackle. Not to mention they should  also make you laugh which is a great way to help lift your mood.

Write it down

If you can’t catch up with anyone then how about writing it all down. When you read it back you might just surprise yourself with all the solutions.

Do something you love

Head off for a break to your favourite location even if it is just a day to get lost wondering somewhere local to you. I always love to go and wonder around Brighton or Central London not to mention that being outside will mean that you gain higher levels of vitamin D which is said to be connected to moods. Alternatively you can have a home pamper day and pop on your favourite face mask before laying down to a good film or book with some aromatherapy candles or your favourite album.

How do you lift your mood?

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  1. angelspartaness says:

    Great post! I definitely agree with keeping a routine, getting exercise, writing it out, and mobile phone detox… really all of it! Thanks for posting 🙏🏼 x

    -Helene |


  2. Having a mobile phone detox is probably the best thing you can do when you’re feeling sh*tty these days. Just gotta remember what life was like before social media!

    Char xo


    1. JUSTNADIENE says:

      Something Kylie jenner seems to be doing reallt well lol….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think she’s pregnant you know LMAO

        Liked by 1 person

      2. JUSTNADIENE says:

        Omg seriously I’m literally 50/50 I think e would have broken then news. Unless she is kim surrogate. 4 months you don’t have a bump and would know the gender anyway


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