Sleek Makeup mini haul

Hello all,

I have been graced with some new Sleek products to share with you. As you know I have already a few of these and I love playing with the colours to create a look. My last post and look with the Enchanted Forest palette was received by you so well that I am keen to have a really good think about what I can achieve with this one.

i-Divine Oh So Special palette

To me it is a lot more doll like on the lighter shades as it has a princess pink “Pamper” and then a baby doll like one “Ribbon”. Massive contrast on the other side of the palette with not only a steel metallic grey “Glitz” nit also an unexpected black “Noir”. This allows for a great range from day to night looks which is amazing if you are looking for a versatility in a palette. I have to say that I am most excited about the metallic shades in the palette so I did swatch mainly those with only on matte in the image below.



Face Contour Kit “Medium”

I use to always think I was dark but I have come to learn that the ideal contour tend to be in medium for my skin. Even when it comes to nose contouring I may sometimes even go for light as it comes out more like a natural shadow. This duo comes with a highlighter which is a more natural one as it isn’t as blinding as I would normally go for and a matte contouring powder. The benefit of the highlight is that it is more buildable and pops more naturally in the sun which is great for everyday use. I like that it has a silky texture when touched and you can create a nice bronzer combining the two together. What I love most is that it comes with a little “How-To” contour your cheeks, nose and jawline so if you are unsure, that that is really handy and something I would definitely consider for my younger sister who is new to makeup.



The lipstick is giving me all sorts of Halloween vampire vibes to be honest probably what it was going for since the name is “Vamp”. It comes out like a matte blood red on me however I do also feel that if you are someone that wears red confidently everyday then this could also be pulled off very easily.

Will you be giving any of these a go? You can pick up any of these from the Sleek Makeup Website or stockists.


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