How to get Luxury Cosmetics for less – Too Faced, Bh Cosmetics & more under £15 each


Thought I would share with you some of my finds after a recent visit to TK Maxx. There are always a lot of interesting brands which are difficult to find in the UK especially in the cosmetics section.

Recently I have even been seeing brands such as NARS, The Balm & Makeup Forever in there and the prices are reduced compared to the amount you would pay online.


Too Faced Passionately Pretty Eye Shadow Collection £14.99

This is absolutely adorable with Pure Love, True Love & Forbidden love collections along with a full sized Love Eyeliner in black. What I love about Too Faced is that they enclose a guide on how to create looks with your purchase. On the official website this is currently at the discounted price of $25.00 which means that its basically half price (factoring in shipping).


BH Cosmetics Floral Blush £3.99

If you are a lover of really beautiful designs and makeup flatlays then this one is for you. I was really excited that I had another BH Cosmetics product in my hand as I love the Carly Bybel palette (and still have not touched it). As the price was so affordable I was going to get it regardless and I was expecting something like the Benefit Hoola bronzer inside. When I arrived home and opened it, I found that it was more beautiful then I imagine with this floral pattern which also meant that I had purchased yet another untouchable BH Cosmetics product. This was the last one I found in the store however I would highly recommend you try and find one for yourself. There are three Floral blush shades from BH Cosmetics and online they are $4.00 each so actually I did not save much more than shipping and customs fees (which always feels a lot).


City Color Collection Color Corrector Mineral Powder £4.00

Normally when I find colour correcting products they are in cream form never powder. When I saw these they had my immediate attention and then I saw they had been discounted to £4.00. The are also mineral based and so I know when I next have a breakout I will be layering the green like I want to become the hulk. Online City Collection appear to have added purple and now have all three for $7.99 without including shipping (unless you spend over $30.00 apparently they don’t ship to the UK) so I think again I have found a gem in TK Maxx.


Organic Farm Korea Peach Hand Cream £5.99

Finally I bought this hand cream which is in the cutest packaging *insert peach emoji*. I love Korean products especially hand creams as they are always cute so you want to carry them everywhere which helps keep your hands nice and soft.


Overall I do feel I have saved a lot and got some really nice treats today. I can not wait to try them all and share with you how it goes.

Have you found any gems in TK Maxx recently? Let me know.


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